Since 2014 I have been building bespoke workflow and business logistics web applications for the well-known UK bread manufacturer, Hovis. These have primarily made use of the Google App Engine platform (integrating with existing Google services used by the organisation).

Primary projects have been workflow management applications, running sequential and simultaneous approval processes and managing required form input and attachments. In many cases this has involved design of both the front-end UI (using libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap and Angular.js) and the back-end scripting (generally using PHP and MySQL databases, and Google service API endpoints). The apps make use of some open-source libraries of UI elements to which I have added my own custom controls as necessary.

Other work for Hovis has included re-design of a front-end skin for their staff intranet, as well as some custom elements for the intranet, including a passively updating news feed and a UI for staff directory search (using a contact-card style UI similar to this). I have also designed a built a large scale internal website for training and staff development resources, making use of the same custom CMS I have built for other websites.