SDG Tool

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a collection of 17 global goals towards social sustainability, created by the United Nations General Assembly. Each goal is subdivided into a number of targets, 169 in total - the SDG tool was conceived as a utility to streamline the process of evaluating and prioritising these targets.

Originating in a collaborative project led by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), the tool involves a questionnaire that leads the user through a series of screens that adapt and self-select based on the user's previous answers. The targets are offered to the user in a way that breaks out of the original organisation of the SDGs, giving projects new perspectives on areas they might not have realised they were already covering.

The brief for me was to produce a web application that presented this questionnaire in a usable and clear way. The application was required to be mobile-friendly, low in size (the total javascript is <.5Mb) and backwards-compatible, bearing in mind that end-users were very likely to be accessing it on older machines and slower networks. Non-native javascript was kept to a minimum, with very few dependencies.

Later development of the project spun out into creating an animated presenter of the user's results. Making use of the UN's open-source graphics for the SDGs, the presenter shows the user's selected targets as a zoomable map of the goals and their targets, allowing the user to present their project's targets in-browser, or output their results as a series of images for incorporation into slide decks.

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