Snopzr is a writing tool web application that helps the user break a story, a pitch or whatever they like into smaller and smaller chunks to help rapidly prototype a story, test a structure, or even create a plan for a whole document. Based on a simple rule-of-three, each unit of the idea can be broken down into three elements (a Hegelian thesis-antithesis-synthesis, or just a simple 'Once this/but that/so this' story structure). Each of those three units can be broken down into three and so on. From one small idea, you can break a synopsis down into 27 pieces quickly - or vice versa, look at a longer idea and tighten it up into three clear parts.

Snopzr is designed to simplify this process. Each level of the story use colour-coded backgrounds to make it clear at-a-glance where the user is. CSS animations make the flow between levels clear. The story can be exported as a CSV or simple text.

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