Browser-based applications (or web applications) offer a convenient alternative to native applications designed for specific devices and platforms. Cross-browser support can mean that an application can be run on any device that can connect to the internet. Responsive design means that an application can run with almost same user experience across mobile, tablet and desktop, saving money and maintaining consistency.

I have designed and built several web applications for clients, using a variety of web technologies and services, including native ES6 Javascript, Node.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, Python, various Google APIs and the Google App Engine platform. I can bring to bear upon projects a wealth of time developing applications directly with their end-users, giving consideration to both front-end and back-end concerns and requirements.

Click below for a demonstration example - a simple task logger, marking days when a task has been achieved (built with vue.js):

Open 'DaysDone' (best on mobile)

Some recent work examples can found under 'Projects' - they include:

Hovis - for the UK bread manufacturer I have developed and built a number of business applications on the Google App Engine platform

SDG Tool - for a project led by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, I built a dynamic questionnaire application, and animated presentation tool

Snopzr - my own project, this is a tool for quickly writing structured document synopses